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Endless styling expressions for your hair

OWay Endless styling expressions for your hair

Whether you have short or long, naturally wavy or straight hair, you can try the most contemporary styles without being afraid of damaging your locks. You just have to make sure you follow some simple steps and mix the most suitable products by choosing the most nourishing and moisturising formulas. Styling & Finish products that, in addition to ensuring long-lasting and/or luminous effects, leverage emollient and healthy natural oils and butters for your hair fibre. 

Let you inspire by OW looks.

Contemporary Street & Chich

Contemporary Street & Chich

The lines are broken: fashion is poured into the city streets, but not only. From the street, the most famous high fashion brands let themselves be inspired to re-style the most contemporary styles, abandoning the more formal and elegant ones.

The backpacks replace the shoulder bags, the “sportswear” look and sneakers replace shirts and suits and the look becomes more versatile and sporty, suitable for everyday hectic life. This is also reflected on the hairstyle: simple but never expected.

If you look at this style try to dry your hair only with your hands to get a results as natural as possible and define your look with a max and a moisturizing tonic that gives definition and nourishment at the same time. 

Try > Precious Wax + Bio Rich Water

Imperfect romantic

Imperfect romantic

How many times since you came out of the sea water you started out with : “I would like to obtain these hair all year long”?

It is also possible to recreate at home a beach look with very soft waves and soft crops without damaging the lengths.

Beach Waves: among the trendy hairs that are reconfirmed in recent years, perfect in the city, at work and to emphasize as a seduction tool.

The effect is natural, just like that given by the hair wet by the seas and naturally dried in the sun.

Volume and definition in a few steps: this look can save you when moisture or heat does not allow you to create perfect creases.

How to recreate it? Apply a soft-smoothing fluid and dry the hair preferably with a slow jet air diffusor. Complete the look with a beach effect texturing lotion.

Try > Flux potion + Sea salt spray

STAY FREE: free your creativity with the OW potions

STAY FREE: free your creativity with the OW potions

In OW formulas, synthetic ingredients, often found in traditional finish and definition products, have been replaced with plant-based waxes and resins, as well as biodynamic and organic extractsextremely pure essential oils and natural emollients. The result? High-performance and nourishing formulations that give rise to infinite styling effects and protect your hair. Find out more about the Styling & Finish OW potions > here