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Men's fashion, two trends for autumn/winter 2017

Natural look, with a touch of the '70s, inspired by large volumes that express your personality to the utmost. These are the key concepts for men's autumn/winter fashion 2017: recounted by the most famous world catwalks that set style canons and anticipate leading trends for the months to come.

To complete a carefully selected wardrobe, there is the help of Styling & Finish products designed for every need, with formulas that will not damage your hair and can be used daily to nourish and extend the stay of your styling.

Let's look at the two major trends for this season, both of which are perfectly adaptable to your personality.

Casual with a rock spirit

Casual with a rock spirit

he wardrobe is renewed, to interpret a more authentic and casual beauty, a new “urban uniform” that sees the semi-disappearance of tailored cuts and gives way to a more “comfortable” and street approach. The key word is naturalness: acceptance and commitment to your own style without being influenced by what is commonplace and by society's dictated trends. Large curls are left "au naturel", without any opposition, with the help of styling products especially designed to express to the highest extent > See: our beCurly line

And what if casualness and the quest for simplicity dominate style in these months, why not let your hair grow a little? Length and layered cuts bring to life a rock spirit and a touch of the '70s. How is this look interpreted? Dry the hair giving volume to the roots then apply a strong-hold paste to create form and definition. End with a shiny-effect and silky touch that created luminosity as well as an anti-pollution shield. 

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Classic and timeless

Classic and timeless

The second mood is classic. A precious and timeless elegance with a simple and refined approach that you can interpret with styling that unites both the classic and the modern.

A “bon ton chic” and a somewhat more structured touch that fit perfectly with a preppy and wet-look touch, showing that this last is not just for the female universe.

Shine and a wet-effect look, with an extremely elegant finish: the style is there to be seen!

How to interpret it? After washing your hair with the specific hair bath product followed by the right conditioner or mask, leave your hair damp and apply a strong-hold transparent cream with a wide-tooth comb. Lightly dry on slow speed and with warm air to create an elegant finish just as the current trends demand.

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