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The benefits of exercise with the perfect beauty care.

Which cosmetics should i use before and after physical activity?

OWay The benefits of exercise with the perfect beauty care.

Daily physical activity provides more benefits than we think: not only to the body - indeed the real change occurs in the mind.  Just think that the endorphins released during and after an exercise session improve mood right away, and this effect lasts for hours.

If we add to this greater tissue tone and oxygenation and the expulsion of toxins through perspiration, each single moment dedicated to physical activity becomes a moment of beauty, well-being and relaxation that should not be underestimated.

In order not to take away its benefits and to fully enjoy the achieved results, let us remember that every discipline has a Beauty and Skin Routine studied ad hoc. 

Indoor activities: the beauty routine at the gym or at home

Particularly during the cold seasons, closed places are preferred by most people who want to engage in a moment of precious, beneficial health.

Whether at the gym or at home, due to a higher internal microclimate, the body temperature adapts and therefore changes, causing us to perspire more; this is beneficial for getting rid of toxins but requires an important rehydration both internally and externally.

To allow the opening of the pores and optimal oxygenation, it is a good idea to cleanse facial skin deep down before beginning physical activity: after cleansing apply a small amount of tonic using a cotton disk and distribute it over your entire face. In addition to rehydrating the skin, the sensation of freshness is immediate! Try Perfect Skin Cleansing Cream and De-Stress Tonic Potion 

The micro-circulation is reactivated during physical activity, causing widespread redness particularly on certain areas of the face: to rebalance the skin filter after the exercise session, it is wise to cleanse the skin again, drying it with a gentle cotton cloth so as not to irritate the face more, and then apply a moisturising and smoothing cream - preferably one that has an anti-reddening function and is rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin C, valid aids to rebuild the lipid barrier. Try Radiance Face Balm.

After focusing on the more delicate facial skin, concentrate on the rest of your body with a detoxifying, anti-dryness shower gel, which energises and hydrates the skin at the same time. Try Detox Body Bath.

After showering, nourish your skin deep down with a nourishing fluid body cream: thanks to the expelled toxins and to the hydration received right afterwards, your skin will be even softer and more protected owing to the lipid barrier created by the cream. Try Velvet Body Fluid

Water activities: why you should nourish your body after the pool

Our bodies are made of 65% water: that’s why doing physical activities in water comes more naturally to us and improves our movements which, compared to other activities, will be gentler, less traumatic and made easier also owing to the absence of gravity. Suitable for all ages and recommended for its countless benefits (including alleviating stress, improving muscle tone and joint mobility and reducing aesthetic blemishes), a healthy and regular swim in a pool will provide innumerable benefits.

Unfortunately, however, the chlorine used in pools is harmful to skin and hair. As regards the skin, the sensation of dryness caused by the chlorine is immediate because it eliminates the hydro-lipid film (the layer of fat covering the skin). This problem affects every centimetre of the body, including the scalp: for this reason it is even more important to use a swim cap, which protects both the scalp and the lengths from contact with the chlorine, which would dehydrate them deep down and cause structural damage.

Before water activities it is a good rule to take a shower to remove all possible residues of perspiration that could cause irritations when it comes into contact with chlorine. Cleansing must be done both before and after using soaps that are not aggressive on the skin but on the contrary gently nourish it when the pH is altered and without the hydro-lipid layer that protects it from external aggressions. Try Detox Body Bath.

To strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, elasticise the skin and give it deep-down and prolonged hydration again, choose a body oil-elixir for your post-pool beauty routine, rich in essential fatty acids and protective and restorative active ingredients: Try Fabulous Body Oil.

Outdoor activities: natural medicine

The pace of life today distances people from their natural and original “being in nature”, often ignoring the benefits that make it a valid ally under different points of view. Being outdoors stimulates, reactivates and satisfies all 5 senses, alleviating stress and tension and acting like a natural antidepressant. The immune system is strengthened and full of Vitamin D without even noticing, the morning light makes it easier to rest and regulates the rhythms of waking and sleeping, also improving cognitive functions like memory and creativity. The truth, however, is that during outdoor physical activity we are more exposed to harmful aggressions like those caused by UV rays or by city smog, which is unfortunately present even when we move away from population centres.

This is why perfect cleansing with a detoxifying and anti-dryness shower gel, which frees the top layer from harmful particles that are likely to be deposited on the skin and absorbed by the body, becomes even more important.

Try Detox Body Bath + De-Stress Tonic Potion + Radiance Face balm

Hydrating and energizing daily rituals

Hair that is frequently washed needs to be subjected to a ritual that unites delicate cleansing, hydration and invigoring with protection from oxidating, mechanical and thermal stresses tied to styling. The DAILY ACT line supplies the right combination of hydration, protection and shine, increases strength and resistance and prevents the formation of split ends.

If you have sensitive skin, Soothing Hair bath uses ultra-delicate cleansing agents: the cleansing phase is carried out with our surfactant-based non-ethoxylated product that purifies gently without irritating the skin. 

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