OWay Press Release

Press Release

Il Resto del Carlino Bologna

Aziende dalla parte delle donne: corsi "contro la violenza"

OWay Aziende dalla parte delle donne: corsi "contro la violenza"
Vanity Fair

Alchimia botanica

Dopo lo shampoo, intensifica i riflessi castani grazie a fitopigmenti di ginestra, noce e curcuma: Hmelt mask, OWAY.

OWay Alchimia botanica
Vanity Fair

Teste coscienziose

OWay Teste coscienziose
Hairdressers Journal

Blue Tit Announces Global Creative Director Partnership with Oway

“We are really excited about the blue tit partnership with oway and the opportunity to work on global campaigns and showcase our collections on international stages. As a salon group we want to make a real conscious effort to have less impact on the environment around us and on a global scale. We are proud to be partnering with a company that shares the same vision and values.”


White Street Market Milano

OWay White Street Market Milano