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Do you want long-lasting curls and waves but are afraid of ruining your hair?

Discover OWAVE, the Organic Way professional waving system.

It’s true that even now when we think about perms at the salon, it’s natural to remember and imagine the fluffy hair that marked the ‘80s, tight curls with exaggerated volume and the strong smells that met anyone entering a hair salon. Today the old concept of perm at the salon is replaced by more innovative methods that respect the hair fibre and accompany the visit to the salon with pleasant scents.

But what results can be achieved with a professional treatment at the salon? Keep on reading to discover the OWAVE by Organic Way system and the looks you can achieve with it.

OWAVE: the Organic Way long-lasting waving system

OWAVE: the Organic Way long-lasting waving system

OWAVE is the Organic Way complete waving programme, customisable to achieve all types of waves.

Like every ritual developed by Oway, the experience at the salon begins with an analysis of the scalp and lengths, to enable the professional to determine which fluid is best to use; indeed, OWAVE respects the hair fibre and calls for different concentrations and formulations depending on the customer’s scalp and hair types. Exposure times will be different for a treated length than for very resistant hair. This because the OWAVE system is based on customisation, as are the results that can be achieved, which vary depending on the technique used.

With Owave we leave the many fears that preceded frequent perm sessions at the salon behind, making way for a treatment rich in beneficial active ingredients and aromatherapy scents.  Thanks to the pool of biodynamic Helichrysum hydrolat, organic Blackthorn extract and ethical Chia and Flax extracts, the hair fibre is protected and elasticised during the treatment, with long-lasting and resistant hair results.

The Owave treatment lasts from 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the type of wave chosen. 



Every time you use hair straighteners and curling irons to recreate soft, wide waves, do you not achieve the desired result and are you not satisfied with how long the hairstyle lasts? Owave formulations were designed for this need also, to give texture and structure to hair, for long-lasting hair styles full of movement.

After styling at home, proceed with hot styling and apply a thin layer of strong-hold hairspray right away to fix the result. Sculpting Mist by Organic Way is the eco-friendly hairspray that gives structure without weighing hair down and without leaving residues. It can also be worked for three minutes after spraying to customise your result!