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Male beauty: the most common mistakes to avoid

OWay Male beauty: the most common mistakes to avoid

How much time do you dedicate to caring for your hair and body every day? 

A correct male beauty routine is often neglected, performed in a rush and without continuity. The skin, like the hair and scalp, requires specific treatments designed for men’s needs.

Let’s discover together the five most common mistakes of men’s beauty rituals and how to correct them!

Washing hair too often

How often do you wash your hair? Unless necessary, washing it every day subjects your hair and scalp to excessive stress. If they get dirty easily, or if you do a lot of sports and wash your hair frequently, it is very important to use products that are gentle on the scalp and hair lengths, that cleanse bringing hydration, removing impurities and excess sebum. 

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Not cleansing and nourishing the face every day

It is as important for men to keep their facial skin cleansed and hydrated as it is for women. And yet this step is often neglected, even though it really takes up just a few minutes of the day. Right after waking up and before going to bed, carefully clean your entire face, beard included, gently dry with a soft cotton cloth and then apply a light moisturising face cream, without overlooking the area around the eyes. Correct cleansing helps remove all impurities from the skin, maintaining it young and elastic, giving a fresh effect and also removing any shaving residues. It is possible to counteract the signs of time and skin ageing using a good cream that also controls excess oiliness (matte effect). 

Try Face & Beard Hydrating Cleanser and Face & Eye Energizing Texture morning and evening.

Not caring for and hydrating skin after shaving

The shaving routine subjects facial skin - among the most delicate - to considerable stress, causing micro cuts, abrasions and irritation. Therefore, it is very important to apply a skin repairing and restorative product right after shaving, which will give immediate relief and freshness, help control excess oiliness and even out the skin. 

Try REPAIRING AFTERSHAVE BALM of the OW MEN collection, rich in bio-ferments that restructure, strengthen and compact the skin, regenerating it from micro damages caused by shaving, small scratches and cuts.  

Applying too much styling product on the hair

To shape, sculpt and separate the locks and achieve perfect long-lasting styles, it is not necessary to apply more product than necessary on the hair, with the risk of making it dirty sooner, weakening and drying out the lengths. 

Apply the correct amount of product, just enough to shape it (approximately a walnut sized amount of product) and work it between your hands before applying it on your hair.  

Choose styling products that, in addition to shaping the hair, nourish the hair fibre deep down during the rest of the day. OW MEN offers a new vision of men’s styling with products that shape, sculpt and separate the locks and at the same time actively work on the stem, giving strength and thickening the hair fibre > Discover much more, click here.

Using low quality tools

Not only treatments, it is just as important to choose quality tools to support your daily hair and body rituals. 

For shaving, avoid polluting disposable tools. Choose a double-edge safety razorthat allows a perfect shave, smoothness and precision, and protects your skin from cuts. 

Using poor quality combs leads to the risk instead of breaking the hair and beard and irritating the skin. To tame your hair without stressing or breaking it, and to trim your beard, choose an aluminium comb that glides easily over all the lengths. 

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