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Natural eco-friendly cleaning products for the kitchen as well!

The kitchen is one of those places in the home where harsh, polluting products are all kept stored together. Chemical substancesthat are harmful and aggressive to the skin lurk within the products that we use every day to clean our dishes. 

Products that repeatedly come into contact with our hands and body. So why not pay the same amount of attention to these as we do to our choice of the most natural and healthy cosmetic products? 

Choose more natural and sustainable detergents

Choose more natural and sustainable detergents

Even our usual everyday activities such as cleaning the dishes can, over time, have negative consequences for the environment. Dishwashing detergents often contain pollutants which end up in water courses and then flow into the rivers and sea.  

And it's not all the petrolatum and pollutants in detergents that make them work so efficiently. So why not switch to using products with higher levels of natural ingredients? A practical step for the sake of your health (remember - we get exposed to these products first) and of the environment.  

Why not try to reduce the dosage as well? The results will be just as effective and cleansing. And that doesn't just save money but also helps the planet by reducing the amount of plastic bottles used in our homes.  

GESTO is the Organic Way fluid which is a 98% natural non-toxic and biodegradable dishwashing detergent kind to seas, rivers, oceans and lakes. Its dermatologically tested formula protects and is gentle to the hands. All it takes is 1-2 squirts per 5 litres of water to dilute in the washbasin or apply on a sponge or Scintilla (Oway brush for cleaning dishes).

GESTO's super formula comes in a bottle of amber glass, which is much safer and 100% infinitely-recyclable. 

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Clean fruits and vegetables with a natural purifying liquid

Clean fruits and vegetables with a natural purifying liquid

As a way of improving our lifestyle, especially in summer, we tend to increase our consumption of fruit and vegetables. But how much attention do we pay to where they come from and how clean they are?

To ensure food safety, you should always select seasonal fruit and vegetables which is of certified origin, organic and healthfully cultivated. However, it is also just as important to take just as much care while washing it. Water on its own may not always be enough, so why not purify it of any chemical residues and impurities?

Meet Plantae - a 98% natural source purifying liquid with Biodynamic Mint, Organic Pink Grapefruit and Ethical Guajava.

  • Using PLANTAE in the dosage as indicated provides concentrated and effective washing while minimising water wastage. Dilute ½ cap per liter of water and soak the food for a few minutes. Rinse before use.