Owayans 2019 - OCEAN

Clear, boundless and unexplored undersea worlds. Fascinating and mysterious depths, rough surfaces with tall waves or calm sea stretching for miles on nice days. Sea beds populated by colourful creatures of a million shapes. The brilliant, gaudy, iridescent shades of fish, jellyfish, and corals. The full, undulating appearance of seaweed and sponges.


A boundless expanse of water that unites and connects all lands and their inhabitants, regardless of ethnicity, tradition, and culture.

The ocean that all the Owayans want to rediscover and protect.

The changing, multiform, and dreamlike undersea beauty which inspired the Blue Tit group x Oway for the implementation of OWAYANS 2019 - OCEAN.

A powerful and mysterious star watches over the Sea and the Earth: the Moon.

Its phases affect the life of the ocean and set the rhythm of biodynamic agriculture.

The Moon determines the ebb and ow of the tides, it affects vital fluids and influences sowing and harvests.

Biodynamic agriculture, on which Oway agricosmetics is based, is strongly linked to the rhythm of the lunar calendar.