Fifty salons OW

Nagahama, Japan
Best 50W SALON 2019


Welcome to Organic Way salons, agricosmetic laboratories of sustainable beauty. Special places that promote real well-being and create unforgettable rituals, tailor-made treatments, and relaxing multi-sensory experiences. 

Salons with a strongly distinctive identity which through their choices demonstrate each and every day the core values of Organic Way. This photographic journey, a unique model of its kind, opens up a window onto fifty salons to tell the diverse stories of their fifty styles and fifty ways to live Oway agricosmetics.

To all of you Owayans, to all you 'practical-dreamers', who, in every corner of the world, give form to your commitment to ethics and the environment by reducing the consumption of plastic in your salon and creating a truly virtous circle of sustainability.

To you, we dedicate this collection.

Find your Organic Way of Life.