Inishie No Tsukimiya


In Japanese ,”Inishie” means “antiquity”, “Tsuki” is “moon”, “miya” is “temple”

INISHIE NO TSUKIMIYA,the winner of the 5OW SALONS 2019 project is a temple of beauty and wellness in the heart of NAGAHAMA, a Japanese city in the Shiga Prefecture. 

historic building handed down over the years that embodies the emotions of Japanese culture, and the memories of the owner and his family. 

place in complete harmony with nature: luscious gardens and manicured gardens frame this splendid salon.


A historical symbol of re-use and tradition

A historical symbol of re-use and tradition

Before becoming a Oway salon, this magical and intrinsic place rich in more than 76 years of memories, was the home of the owner, Taichi Nakamura, and his family.

Those who visit this special place find themselves surrounded by history and culture. 

Unlike classical decoration-rich Western architecture, Japanese culture is inspired by the constant search for harmony with nature, opting for natural elements like wood, stones and earth, and driven to achieving sublime and mysterious results with a simple and pure essence.  

The walls of this splendid salon speak to us, sharing local centuries-old traditions: made according to typical 76-year old Japanese construction technique, which used layers of mud and gravel, they surround and protect finishes, materials, trellises and furnishings telling of a fusion of Japanese and Chinese architecture, emphasized by the re-use of original antique, worn out and memory-filled furniture from China.

Beauty in harmony with nature

Beauty in harmony with nature

Chestnut trees, plum trees and pomegranates are just some of the luxuriant expressions of nature welcoming those who visit the Inishie No Tsukimiya salon. 

The garden in front of the salon cultivated by Taichi Nakamura, offers a real path whose ambitious aim is to showcase the diversity of the four seasons, the natural rhythms and the harmony of which man too is an integral part.

A century-old tea plant makes this green corner even more precious; its leaves are harvested at each full moon and offered to customers who visit the salon for scalp and hair treatments and can enjoy an infusion of ancient and popular Japanese flavor. 


This is the concept behind the INISHIE NO TSUKIMIYA philosophy. 

The intent is to create BEAUTY and WELLNESS every day, always putting natural laws and rhythms at the center, with that veil of mystery and charm that only the moon can give.