Essential oils, distillates, micronised plants and extracts derived from plants grown following the principles of harmony between man and nature: the soil is not treated with chemical pesticides or fertilisers, but is nourished and fed with natural fertilisation. This generates stronger plants able to provide for their own defense, which supply high quality ingredients, loaded with healthy and effective active ingredients. 

Steam distillation is a natural extraction system that does not make use of solvents or other chemical substances and that allows preserving the purity and effectiveness of the active ingredients to the maximum. Through the steam produced, this method transforms the plants into the active ingredients usable in our formulas: 100% natural essential oils and distillates.

We create sensory blends based on essential oils that emanate powerful and beneficial effects on body and psyche. Only in the technical products, whose formula is not compatible with essential oils, we use allergen-free fragrances. 

Clean chemistry demonstrates that it is possible to obtain excellent products without using aggressive and toxic chemical substances, through the use of safe, naturally derived ingredients. 

Protect especially delicate and sensitised skin, like that of children ages 3 and up.

Nature + technology: we select and isolate the most active and effective plant components to create new highly concentrated and skin-friendly active ingredients. 

Proteins are a basic component of hair: when they are lacking, the shaft is weak and the hair is more brittle and less protected against aggressive external agents. This is why the formulas of Organic Way products are rich in completely plant-derived proteins. 

We choose not to use Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate as surfactants: instead we use a cleansing base derived from coconut and other gentler, safer substitutes. 

In the Soothing hair bath we use non-ethoxylated surfactants, to respect and protect especially delicate and sensitised skin, like that of children ages 3 and up.

EDTAs are chemical substances normally used as adjuvants in the preservative system. They are not used in 99% of Organic Way products because our preservative system is sufficient to guarantee optimal duration. 

We have eliminated parabens, controversial cosmetic preservatives, from our formulations, replacing them with natural compounds of vegetable origin.

Naturally derived (sugar beet), it is the most natural and well tolerated preservative that not only allows us to properly preserve the majority of our products but also to have a suitable drying time of the pre-styling product. It replaces, for example, the classic aerosol mousse to create and define curls.

We do not use colourants in our treatment products because they are chemical substances not necessary for the formula to be effective. Our products get their colour from the active ingredients, essential oils and biodynamic ingredients they contain, to guarantee consumers the highest level of quality, purity and guarantee. Due to the extreme naturalness of the formulas, there may be small colour variations from one production to the next: have you ever found two oranges or two apples that are exactly alike? 

Indicates that the product contains no synthetic fragrances but is only scented with essential oils completely derived from the medicinal herbs.

These are chemical substances normally used as emulsifying agents. We have eliminated PEGs/PPGs/BGs from the entire Oway care line and from the specific treatments. 

The Organic Way line contains no petrolatum, which we replace with butters, waxes and high quality vegetable emollients able to preserve hair health over time.

Our treatments do not contain iodine.

We only select raw materials from plants grown according to traditional, organic and biodynamic methods. None of our products contain genetically-modified ingredients.

All products of the OW Beauty line are Natrue certified, one of the most serious and authoritative international certification bodies which provides extremely restrictive standards in order to ensure that the product is actually natural. The Natrue standard defines extremely strict rules in terms of raw materials, formulations, production process and packaging. 

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is the largest world organisation in support of animal rights. In honour of the ethical approach that we have always promoted with punctuality and transparency to the consumer, PETA has officially awarded cruelty-free certification to the Organic Way line in the United States. This recognition reaffirms our commitment to animals: we do not carry out testing on them and we will never do so.

Organic Way sprays are propellant-free, to achieve the best results with the minimum environmental impact. We are the first company on the market to have launched hairspray in glass bottles with refill system: sculpting mist. 

Our lines come in glass bottles and jars and aluminium tubes: the most suitable materials to protect the preservation and integrity of the botanical extracts of our formulas contained in them. Glass is 100% pure and does not release toxic substances nor contain potentially harmful chemical products. Aluminium is an extremely protective and corrosion-resistant material, as well as 100% recyclable and infinitely reusable.

We only use essential packaging to minimise our environmental impact. We say no to overpackaging, secondary wrappings and packing materials, which often end up being discarded immediately after purchase, increasing environmental pollution.

Our product labels are made of FSC-certified paper which, owing to its special processing, is fully waterproof and resistant, as well as ecological.

Our communication and salon set-up materials are recycled or eco-certified: FSC-certified paper and cardboard, PEFC-certified wood, bioplastics, recycled PET.