Our Quality

Our Quality is based on three macro-areas and on actions that we pursue on an everyday basis. These three macro-areas are: 

1- The quality of products and services, with the goal of ensuring the satisfaction of those who choose Oway (Organic Way) for their beauty routine and for their daily lifestyle;

2- Reducing unnecessary materials and waste through a thorough study and analysis of materials, structures and procedures;

 3- Ensuring environmental protection during every phase of the product life cycle (the virtuous circle of our Agrocosmetic approach). 

To achieve these goals, our continued focus is on the following actions:

a) offering treatments and products that fully meet the expectations of those who choose Organic Way;

b) managing a control model that allows us to take preventative action during the various phases of the production process;

c) involving and facilitating the continued training and development of Oway’s employees and collaborators, through training courses on the various issues relevant to the company;

d) pursuing daily actions aimed at promoting a healthy and pleasant work environment, including as regards to interpersonal relationships;

e) studying, through a continuous and wide-ranging research effort, products and treatments ideally suited for respecting and ensuring the well-being of the person, of animals and of our planet.