Agricatalyst 30 VOL.


Agricatalyst 30 VOL.

Activating saps enclosed in glass packaging. 

A traditional Italian Olive oil bottle. 

The first activator enclosed in a glass bottle: 

• Contains Grape Sap, an extraordinarily rich active ingredient which repairs damaged hair, increasing its elasticity.
• A fluid texture which nourishes and elasticizes hair and protect the scalp.
• Allergen-free fragrance with Sage and Prickly Pear.
• An enveloping and pleasant fragrance that adds sensory pleasure during the colouring treatment.

• 99.8 % biodegradable ingredients 

  • Biodynamic and organic sage: a multi-active medicinal herb for hair and scalp during hair colour treatment. Smoothing: smoothes and seals cuticles, intensifying hair shine and giving it a healthy appearance; Antioxidant: protects the hair against free radicals and supports cell regeneration; Moisturising: fights dehydration avoiding water depletion during the chemical process; Revitalising: enlivens dull, damaged and weakened hair. Makes hair light and fluffy; Sebo-balancing: promotes scalp balance by stimulating and normalising its functions; Stimulating: improves micro-circulation and the nourishment of follicles. Revitalises dry and thin hair. 
  • Ethical Sicilian Prickly Pear oil: thanks to its moisturising and soothing properties, it ensures a comfortable colour application. Preserves the lipid components of the capillary matrix. Accentuates the shine of hair stems and deeply nourishes. The ethical Prickly Pear oil is produced by an ethical and sustainable process that respects and enhances natural resources and local producers.
  • Italian grapevin sap: the sap of Vine is particularly strong, thanks to an extremely powerful and balanced mix of substances: mineral salts, aminoacids, natural saccharides, polyphenols, organic acids and auxins. It is an extraordinary cellular nutrient for the plant, and also nourishes human cells. Gives elasticity to hair, strengthening it and preventing breakage. 



The first smoothing agricosmetic hair colouring with more than 35% biodynamic and organic sage macerate.

For the first time, biodynamic and organic Sage macerate becomes the first ingredient in hair colouring formulations.

At the extraordinary concentration of over 35% in every shade, Sage macerate gives Agricolor its beneficial polishing, antioxidant and soothing power. 

A palette of evocative, deep and iridescent shades, freely inspired by elements, flowers and fruits of Nature and the most precious and genuine products of the gourmet world.

The evocative reference to the colour of poppy seeds is accompanied by the domestic intimacy of roasted coffee, cane sugar, and unsweetened cocoa hues, and the exotic refinement of Himalayan salt.

Combined with the timeless elegance of precious metals like gold and copper and super-lighteners, refined beige, vivid reds, mysterious purples and the inevitable natural and ash hues, Agricolor offers a complete and versatile range of extraordinary, very bright and rich shades.

76 extraordinarily bright and long-lasting colours, accompanied by 4 intensifier boosters and 3 neutralizing boosters.

Sage and Prickly Pear allergen-free fragrance, extraordinarily pleasant and sensorially enveloping, for a unique colouring experience. 

99% plastic-free packaging, tools and communication products for the salon in natural and durable materials.

The Agricolor tubes and Agriplus tubes are made of aluminium, a 100% natural material that can be recycled ad infinitum; cases are in TREE-FREE paper, obtained from sugar cane processing waste, which does not require tree cutting; the colour chart is printed on TREE-FREE paper and enclosed in a wooden box; Agritone and Agricatalyst bottles, used in Italy for precious olive oil, are made of glass, a 100% natural sustainable material that can be recycled ad infinitum.

 Biodegradable colour up to 97%, 99,8% biodegradable activators. Sustainable formulas that protect the health of seas and animals that populate them.