OWay Owave


Change your look with Owave,
the waving system that respects your hair.

Support, volume, movement and shape to the hair.

Owave is the permanent waving system designed to give support, volume, movement and shape to the hair. Completely customizable to give shape to every desire, it is the complete method to creat each wave.

You can create sensual beach waves for an extremely natural effect, give support and motion for long-lasting curl-enhanced styles or create elastic and defined spiral curls for a bold and dynamic look.

In salon the professional will made a diagnosis with the help of the tricho-analyzer to check hair and scalp conditions, infact Owave offer three differents formulation: a waving and elasticising fluid for resistant hair, a waving and elasticising fluid for treated hair and a neutralising and fortifying fluid for all hair types. 

With biodynamic helichrysum hydrolat, organic Blackhorn extract and ethical Chia and Flax extracts, Owave respects hair fibre, keeping your hair soft and elastic. 

The active ingredients of Owave