Eco-bowler bag L

Elegant bowler bag – size L – to make the most of your OWAY gifts.

Our 100% eco-friendly bowler bag, made in quality FSC paper and featuring a cotton cord, is ideal for packaging a selection of 3 OWAY products

Looking for ideas of products to include? Here are a few suggestions:

  • 1 capillary bath in a 240 ml size + 1 mask in a 150 ml size + 1 conditioner in a 160 ml size
  • 1 hair bath in a 240 ml size + 1 lotion in a 100 ml size 1 scalp massaging brush
  • 1 hair bath in a 240 ml size1 cleansing mousse in a 150 ml size1 hair pomade in a 50 ml size
  • 1 hair bath in a 240 ml size + 1 hair pomade in a 160 ml size + 1 oil in a 50 ml size
  • 1 OW Beauty mélange in a 30 g size + 1 box of beauty treatments paper tea bags in a 120 pcs size + 1 pack of compressed face mask sheets in a 20 pcs size

Looking for a few suggestions to compose your kit? Contact us.

Compose your kit in three simple steps:

  1. Add the ECO-BOWLER BAG L to your cart
  2. In our SHOP section choose the Oway rituals you wish to give away as gifts
  3. Proceed to checkout. The ECO-BOWLER BAG L and the OWAY XMAS STICKER will automatically appear in your cart. 

221 x 111 x 205 H
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