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Waterless botanical-mineral cleansing and volumising hair blend.

Frequent washing, aggressive cleansing, hot tools: these are just some of the stress factors to which scalp and hair are subjected regularly. Both in the beauty salon and at home, Organic Way is always attentive to maintaining healthy scalp and hair and, to this end, has developed this special waterless detergent.

Plant & Mineral Refresh gives new life to scalp and hair, extending time between washings. Instantly refreshes your look with a volumising effect without the need for water and hot tools used for drying.

A 100% cleansing botanical-mineral blend made of naturally derived ingredients, capable of absorbing excess sebum and leaving your hair light, voluminous and delicately scented. 

Plant & Mineral Refresh is suitable for thick and thin straight, curly and wavy hair, because it gives body without weighing hair down. 

Its unique formula is rich in precious phyto-active ingredients: biodynamic mint, astringent and purifying, lightens and refreshes roots, helping them to purify themselves from excess sebum; cassava and rice starch, a complex of starches that absorb oiliness and gives lightness to hair while soothing the scalp; organic orange, ideal for oily hair, gives shine and energy; pumice stone remineralises and energises the hair fibre; ethical Amazonian pink clay, whichworks directly on the scalp, absorbs impurities and regulates sebum production and, finally, Zeolite, also called “body scavenger” due to its purifying and detoxifying propertiesZeolite absorbs toxins and chemical products, trapping them within its crystalline structure and removing them from the body.

Plant & Mineral Refresh too joins Oway’s beauty and wellness world with a sustainable approach: packaged in a precious 100% recyclable amber glass bottle, it is doubly attentive to the environment, because it is concentrated (no waste!) and used without water.



100% plant-based ingredients