De-stress kit
XMAS '17

Give moments of true well-being with De-stress Kit, the OW limited edition for Christmas 2017!

Forget about stress and aggressive chemical substances with a purifying ritual based on 100% natural ingredients.

De-stress Kit is composed by:

MATERIA (80 gr): 100% natural purifying solid oil obtained from the solidification of olive oil and other precious vegetable oils, with nourishing protective formula owing to its lipid-based composition. With micro-exfoliating texture owing to the organic poppy petals, it eliminates toxins and impurifites and leaves the skin soft and velvety smooth. De-stressing and energising aromatherapeutic fragrance owing to a mix of citrusy, aromatic essential oils. IDEAL FOR ALL SKIN TYPES / Nickel tested / Dermatologically tested. 

LAMINA: Precious grater to create thin flakes of Materia to be dissolved in warm or hot water. The perfect tool to create an anti-stress, antioxidant cleansing ritual based on 100% natural ingredients. Made of stainless stell 100% recyclable. 

GIARA: Glass container + aluminium cap. 100% recyclables.

STICKER: Paper sticker customisable with Christmas dedication. 


Materia + Lamina: a purifying, anti-oxidant and relaxing ritual. 

1) Fill the bathtub or a container with warm or hot water

2) Using Lamina, create some thin flakes of Materia solid oil and let them fall into the tub and dissolve

3) Enjoy the benefits of 100% natural, relaxing, aromatherapeutic cleansing

€ 22,00
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Relax and enjoy the right atmosphere.

Relax and enjoy the right olfactory atmosphere. Expand your wellness and the wellness of the people around you.
Choose wood and glass to enjoy relaxing herbal teas or make hair treatments.