Rose gold hair dryer - Home collection


Rose gold hair dryer - Home collection

Professional hair dryer with ionizer.

Sustainable luxury featuring a metal body and rose gold finish.

Quality and reliability made in Switzerland.

• 6 temperature / air flow combinations • Warm air button • Removable metal filter • 3m superflex cable 

Comes in an elegant, exclusive metal box, reusable for as long as you need. 100% cotton bag. 


Air nozzle: to direct the air flow in a precise manner. Stays cold during use. Diffuser: helps give body to your hairstyle and makes curly or permed hair naturally soft and voluminous. 

  • Better hydration with negative ions: releases negative ions that help preserve proper hair hydration. During the drying process, the ions micronize the water particles, increasing their absorption within the capillary stem and leaving the hair softand easy to brush. 
  • No electrostatic charge: negatively charged ions help reduce static charged hair and frizz. 
  • Ultra fast drying: the negative ions are able to break-down the water molecules into smaller particles, allowing for faster drying. 
  • Eco-luxury with a rese gold metal body: perfectly combines luxury with sustainability. Thanks to its metal body, it is made with less plastic than a traditional hair dryer. The body is further enriched and made unique by a rose gold finish. 
  • Enhanced air quality: the negatively charged ions help purify the air, neutralising positively charged ions which contribute to its deterioration, retaining most of the pollutants found in the atmosphere. 
  • Swiss made: Made in Switzerland, brand that is a guarantee of exclusivity, quality, precision, respect for the environment and well-being. 
  • Reliable, high-power motor: 2000 W power. Professionalism and high performance.

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