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Oway pampering for your four-legged friends

In the musical field, a duet (Italian: ‘duetto’) is a piece written for two voices, whether of equal calibre or not, or two instruments that, with or without accompaniment, play in unison. 

A deep and genuine bond between dog and owner. It is a bond born of a look, a nod, and a presence that give life to an indissoluble relationship. 

OWAY marks its entry into the pet cosmetics realm with a unique product: DUETTO. Not the classic dog shampoo, but a genuine bath formulated to ensures a deep cleansing of your dog’s coatand anourishing and purifying body cleanserfor your skin.  

Together with Duetto, Oway presents IMPRONTA, a ceramic bowl handcrafted in Italy and especially made with our four-legged friends in mind.

Discover the limited edition gift set containing the DUETTO and IMPRONTA products. The Duetto Set has been especially created for those who love to pamper their dog with refined, professional and quality products.

Duetto - dog & dog-owner bath - not the classic Dog Shampoo | Oway


€ 26,00

Purifying and nourishing bath for dog and owner.

Impronta - Handcrafted ceramic bowl for Pets, 100% made in Italy | Oway


€ 33,00

Handcrafted ceramic bowl designed by Oway, 100% made in Italy (Faenza).

Limited ed. Duetto kit: dogs&owner cleanser + Impronta ceramic bowl | Oway

Duetto Kit

€ 51,00

DUETTO and IMPRONTA together in a limited edition promotional gift set for your four-legged friends.