Alluring oil


Alluring oil

Elixir-oil for deep nutrition of scalp, face, décolleté and hair. Dermatologically tested / nickel tested

Ideal for mature skin as an anti-ageing serum and for heavily treated and/or bleached hair as a re-mineralising booster. 100% natural. Nickel tested 

Gives structure and intense nutrition to hair, performing a deep anti-ageing action on face and décolleté.

On scalp - Apply the product with a brush over the entire scalp, by itself for an elasticising effect or mixed with Sublime Peeling Blend for a re-mineralising gommage, gently massage so as to activate the action of the product, leave on for 10-15 minutes and move on to the cleansing phase, rinsing carefully and thoroughly.

On hair - Apply to dry hair on all the lengths with the brush, massaging the stem well to optimise penetration of the product above all in the especially porous and dekeratinised areas, leave on for 10-15 minutes and move on to the rinsing and cleansing phase.

On body - Apply to body after bathing as silkifying oil, massaging until completely absorbed; apply in the evening to face and décolleté before going to bed as an intensive anti-ageing treatment serum; use on décolleté and arms as illuminating oil to enhance your tan

Biodynamic Laurel - Source of vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin A, B group vitamins and above all mineral salts. With antiseptic, anti-oxidant and astringent properties. Gives body to hair, replenishing its mineral part.

Organic Almond Oil - Rich in vitamins A, B and C and magnesium, with great anti-oxidant power, it nourishes, shines and leaves hair silky. It is also useful against split ends. It has an elasticising, moisturising and soothing effect on your skin.

Fair trade Kalahari melon - Rich in essential fatty acids, it is a precious ingredient to promote skin hydrolipidic balance and softness.

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Every product becomes an essential part of your beauty routine both at the salon and at home. The OW Head.SPA line was designed for use not only on hair and scalp, but also on the face and entire body. Changing the application gestures and times, in a unique all-over you have a complete treatment for face, décolleté and body, scalp exfoliation and an intensive pack for hair lengths.