After-sun hair mask

Reparative and nourishing hair mask. Nickel tested.

It provides nourishment and protection to hair that has suffered the effects of sun, salt and chlorine.

Biodynamic Green Anise - Effective anti-aging active ingredient, it reduces the number of free radicals generated in the hair, caused by external agents. Fights skin oxidation and premature aging.
Organic Baobab - Extracted from the seeds of this plant, thanks to the saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids improves the elasticity and strengthens the lipid layer of the skin.
Ethically-produced Passion Fruit - This oil has a light texture that hydrates the hair, fighting dehydration.

2,5 - 3,5
€ 28,00
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Summer recipes for healthy, shiny hair and skin

Sunway is the ow program that provides to hair and body nutrients and antioxidants needed during the summer: against oxidative stress, structural damage, dehydration. All treatments are accompanied by the fresh and fragrant aromatherapic harmony of the essential oils of Biodynamic Fennel, Biodynamic Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Sweet Orange And Bergamot, which make for an energising and toning treatment.