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Curly hair: tricks for taking care of it

OWay Curly hair: tricks for taking care of it

The beauty and rarity of pretty curly hair certainly does not go unnoticed: it is true that the care and attention it requires to appear healthy, strong and shiny are often underestimated or compared to the straight hair Beauty Routine.

The result? Volume-less roots, frizzy lengths and undefined curl.

Why give up the wild, romantic look that beautiful curly hair can give you, perhaps rebelling against a natural result, hiding it under a straight style?

Discover the necessary steps to care for your curly hair, whether natural or permed.

First step: wash curly hair in the right way

By nature a beautiful curl is more delicate and destined to lose its shape and styling more easily than wavy and straight hair. To prevent it from becoming frizzy and heavy within a few hours after washing, losing its shape, follow the specific steps that begin with washing, flanked by special products designed for the hair’s specific needs.

Never neglect the importance of correct cleansing: the first mistake, and one of the worst, that those with curly hair can make is to comb it when dry before washing. Due to the fixative and definition styling products left on the hair stem by the previous drying, and aided by a greater predisposition to frizziness and the opening of the scales, when brushed when dry the hair will become weaker each time, breaking with the consequent risk of losing and ruining the curl during the subsequent styling.

Wash using gentle, moisturising shampoos with anti-frizz action, remembering to cleanse the scalp deep down, without rubbing it but simply massaging it with your fingertips; this will also reactivate the scalp and aid the microcirculation through a specific beneficial massage > Find out more about the 9 preferential application areas (P.A.A.) for reactivating the scalp

Now it’s time to comb your hair, though with extreme gentleness: use an hair mask that doesn’t weigh down the lengths detangle hair by removing any knots. Since curly hair is frizzier by nature, at least once a week take 5-10 extra minutes to use a moisturising and strengthening mask, applying it on the previously towel-dried hair lengths. > Try Curly hair Mask of Organic Way.

The best way to comb curly hair is still simply to use your fingers: the possibility of breaking the curl and causing it to lose its shape is greatly reduced compared to the use of comb and brush. However, if you are used to using the latter, it is always better to choose combs with wide teeth and/or wooden brushes. Wood in particular reduces the possibility of obtaining a frizzy result and, furthermore, it is much gentler on the lengths and scalp.

Tip! For the final rinse try to use a jet of cold water directly on the lengths to obtain shinier hair!

Second step: drying and styling to define the curl

Since curly hair is more raised at the roots and less in contact with the sebum of the scalp, it is more subject to the annoying dry, frizzy effect, also due to the opening of the scales of the hair stem.

Once cleansed, the next essential step is to towel-dry your hair (don’t rub it so as not to raise the cuticles!) and wrap it in a soft cloth, preferably 100% cotton: this step is the first to be underestimated, and often omitted, before drying. Why can it make a difference? For the simple reason that it will gently rid your hair of most of the excess water, allowing a short, natural drying of the curl. How often have you preferred to dry your hair in the sun or outside during the summer, achieving an even more satisfactory result? It is completely normal, since excessive heat sources do not help dry curls at all and, in contact with styling products, it’s easy to get that hated “rigid effect” given by a product that is inadequate or poorly distributed on the lengths, or simply by a hair dryer used at high temperatures.

Especially in the presence of medium/long and/or fine hair, the much desired “volume effect” is not always easy to achieve through simple drying. In this case specific sprays to be applied directly on the roots when the hair is damp come to our aid. Try Volumizing Root Spray by Oway with biodynamic Yarrow, organic Ginger and ethical Purple Rice.

To form, shape and hydrate the curl until the next washing, use your hands to apply a specific lotion on damp hair, gently rubbing the lengths and using your fingers to separate and define each lock. You can repeat the procedure with a small amount of product on dry hair also until achieving the desired result.

Try Curly Potion by Oway with biodynamic Liquorice, organic St. John’s Wort and ethical Andiroba. 

Now you can conclude with the drying: the best friend of curly hair remains the diffuser, to be used at medium-low speed and heat and preferably with head upside-down for a more professional result.

The beCurly line by Organic Way

The OW beCurly line gives elasticity, definition and hydration to naturally curly or permed hair.

The synergistic treatments of the BECURLY line allow looking after the needs of curly hair comprehensively. The hair bath and the mask foster rehydration of the hair, more effectively compared to common shampoos and conditioners, helping detangle knots, conveying nourishment and sealing the scales, which are often raised in the curl, causing dullness. Curly Potion is a true elasticising elixir that, with a very fine texture, gives support, definition and separation. Giving nourishment, elasticity and strength we find the synergy of ingredients like biodynamic Liquorice, organic St. John’s Wort and ethical Andiroba. 

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