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How to protect facial skin when the cold weather arrives

OWay How to protect facial skin when the cold weather arrives

Cold weather arrives with the start of autumn: what happens when we go out more uncovered during this period? Cold and jumps in temperature, like those between the outside and inside of buildings, are stressful for skin, especially facial skin, which is more delicate and more exposed compared to the rest of the body.

Do summer and winter beauty routines remain the same? Absolutely not. Beauty rituals change in winter, to adapt to the seasons and to the different needs that result. 

Protected and nourished face, guaranteed luminosity

Just like we dress our body in several layers to make up for colder temperatures, the same goes for facial skin, which is more exposed and more delicate, requiring a sophisticated, dedicated protective shield.

During the summer we feel the need to let our skin breathe, choosing and using lighter creams that opacify the annoying shine caused by the excessive work of the subcutaneous pores. In autumn and winter, on the other hand, we must opt for richer and more moisturising creams that nourish facial skin and create a protective, anti-pollution shield. Poorly moisturised, dry skin will more easily appear dull, lifeless and less elastic: a thin patina can obstruct the pores, not allowing the part to be correctly oxygenised. 

Steps for the perfect beauty routine

How to start your Beauty Routine correctly? Proper cleansing is the first step for correct nourishment: always choose gentle soaps or cleansing creams to clean facial skin, rinsing thoroughly with abundant water to prevent residues, drying your face with a gentle cotton cloth that will not irritate your skin. (Test: Perfect skin Cleansing Cream )

To clean more deeply and eliminate any dead cells, exfoliation is the most important step: scrubbing - or peeling - lets you achieve much cleaner, balanced skin, but without exaggerating! It performs a complete facial scrubbing, beginning once a week, for more oily skin types, until reaching once a month/every two weeks, for more delicate or dry skin types. 

Before applying the cream, remember to apply the tonic on your entire face, to restore your skin’s balance and prepare it to correctly absorb the following products. (Try De-stress Tonic Potion here)

Apply an illuminating and smoothing moisturising cream morning and evening to thoroughly dry skin. Don’t forget your neck: often neglected, it is one of the parts that suffer the ravages of time first!

For an even more effective result and an enhanced targeted action, you can combine your face cream with concentrated regenerating and replumping boosters.

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OW Beauty: beauty made with transparency

OW Beauty: beauty made with transparency

Organic Way chooses a clean, healthy, natural beauty. Made with extremely high standards and quality ingredients. Beauty made, above all, with transparency. 

All products of the OW Beauty line consist of a minimum of 98.8% of active ingredients, oils, extracts, essential oils, emollients of natural, organic, biodynamic and ethical origin. Formulations contain no SLS&SLES, PARABENS, SILICONES, PETROLATUM, PEG, PPG&BG, EDTA, SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES, ARTIFICIAL COLOURANTS, GMOs, PHTHALATES. And they are only put into glass, aluminium and recyclable and reusable wooden containers.

OW Beauty offers the highest possible guarantee: the certification seal from NATRUE, one of the most serious and authoritative international certification bodies, which provides restrictions in order to ensure that the product is actually natural.