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OWN WAY 100% plant-based eau de parfum Organic Way

OWay OWN WAY 100% plant-based eau de parfum Organic Way

OWN WAY is the 100% plant-based eau de parfum, composed entirely of botanical elements derived from plants, fruits, flowers, woods, as well as aromatic herbs grown at Km0 on our farm Ortofficina with biodynamic method.


OWN WAY is a ode to individuality. In a world of perfume made up almost entirely of synthetic fragrances, OWN WAY selects the unbeatable quality of natural ingredients.

An essence dedicated to those who are not comforted by homogenisation but, on the contrary, who emphasise their uniqueness with every choice they make. A choice made also out of respect for the environment and of attention to every ingredient that we use daily and that comes in contact with our skin every day.       

OWN WAY is more than just a fragrance, it is a story too.

OWN WAY is more than just a fragrance, it is a story too.

It is an experience that encapsulates the power of the Earth and the brightness of the Sun. A unique blend of freshness and depth. A stunning mix of elegance and simplicity.

INCIPIT: an entirely Mediterranean beginning, which swings between the brightness of the Sicilian Orange, the amber aroma of Sage and the freshness of Myrtle.

PLOT: an interviewing that tells of OW’s roots, recreating the freshness of aromatic and mildly flowery plants like Lavender, Thyme and Rosemary grown on Ortofficina.

ENDING: a long, elegant, vigorous ending that contemplates the resinous scent of Rock Rose and the vigorous of Cedar wood, enlivened by a pinch of Pink pepper and lying on a gently gourmand Vanilla trail. 

The OWN WAY packaging

The OWN WAY packaging

Black like onyx and lava, like an iconic and universal colour. Smooth like a stone polished by water, shiny black on matte black, it is the essential elegance of the bottles in which the precious OWN WAY natural essence is contained. 

These precious bottles are shield in boxes with a minimal, eco-friendly and durable design, cinceived and produced at km 0. With them we give life to a virtuous ecological chain: we start with material obtained from recovered, 100% recycled wood and we manufacture our packaging at Artigiano, the OW wood laboratory. Thanks to this chain, boxes can be reused as containers, thus extending their life forever.