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Head.SPA salon, a unique experience of holistic beauty

OWay Head.SPA salon, a unique experience of holistic beauty

The true contemporary luxury is the time we dedicate to taking care of ourselves.

Your hair cut, just like your hair colour and style speak of you. Relying upon your hairdresser to change look gives life to a ritual that goes far beyond simple aesthetic pleasure; that's why the key word that should never be missing in a hair salon is empathy. To be listened to, pampered and receive customised advice is at the core of every change, including the search for a new look. 

For this reason, Oway certified its Head.SPA salons, true alchemical laboratories of holistic beauty offering dedicated treatments. “HEAD.SPA” salons offer customers a true multi-sensory experience. A SPA hair salon which offers exclusive services created for beauty, well-being and the deepest relaxation. A special place where customers can be pampered and listened to, where consultation and service personalisation reach the highest standards of excellence and uniqueness. 


Why do we call them Head.SPA, rather than Hair.SPA salons?

In fact, we intend to take care of not just the hair, the aesthetic and exterior appearance of the customer who comes into the salon, but we want to welcome, listen, pamper and treat every person in their uniqueness and inner beauty, of which the appearance and the look are always a visual emanation and expression. When you enter a Head.SPA salon, you immerse yourself in a powerful, scented and purified aromatherapy environment, capable of immediately relieving even the smallest daily discomfort (e.g. headache, nausea, etc. ...), to give way to a feeling of beneficial mental and muscular relaxation, thanks to a Welcome Message and other specific skin massages. Your customised experience in a Head.SPA begins immediately, with scalp and hair analysis, to determine which daily care products, styling or cycles of treatments are suited to your needs.

Did you ever think about how important it is to combine your look with your distinctive colours, such your eye colour? We speak of holistic colouring, and customised colouring treatment through morpho-chromatic analysis. And there is more: aromatherapy, chromotherapy, reflexology rituals and moments of listening are part of your deep psycho-physical experience at the salon.

Everything is designed to accompany the customer from the time they enter to the time they leave, leaving them with a sensory memory of an intense and unforgettable experience. 

Products and treatments, special rituals

Products and treatments, special rituals

With life rhythms dictated by today's lifestyles, true contemporary luxury is the time we devote to taking care of ourselves. Head.SPA wellness is accompanied by exclusive treatments designed for every need: the versatile and multi-functional OW Head.SPA products are designed for application on scalp, hair, face and body. So many wellness gestures for you in a single formula, which you can also take home, to recreate your special in-salon experience. Completely customised pre-wash scalp and hair treatments become sublimating skin care products for face, body and décolleté.