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How to express ourselves through the colors?

OWay How to express ourselves through the colors?

Red is the brightest, warmest and most vibrant primary colour: it symbolises life, instinct and the assertion of people. It is the typical colour of resolute, quick, direct, dynamic people. Rose is young, spontaneous and light, perfect for those who are in love with life: the intense tones transmit joie de vivre and a pinch of boldness. 

Nonverbal forms of communication, colours communicate in an instinctive, immediate and deep way. They illustrate a mood, they elicit an emotion, they inspire, they impel to action, they speak about us.

 Hmelt of Organic Way is the colouring, brightening and revitalizing concentrate pigments born from a series of alchemical natural processes to reveal your exact shade of colour. 

Why do we speak about alchemical transformations?

We know that the greatest aspiration of the Alchemist is turned to the search of the “philosophical stone”, a pure substance able to get gold, silver and to recover human body up to the attainment of the long life elixir.

However, what many do not know is the deeper meaning that lives behind this eternal alchemical search: according to the alchemists, the pursuits of the secret of the philosophical stone was the metaphor of a much more complex objective, a journey towards awareness or “consciousness” and real expression of ourselves. 

Inside the dark laboratories, hiding under the laws and the crowd, between fermented anemones and mysterious potions, we went into the secret of the humane path, penetrating only through the darkest and most difficult journey: that inside oneself.

Alchemical gold is not what is commonly understood but rather is PHILOSOPHIC GOLD (AURUM PHILOSOPHICUM) consisting of spiritual change, achievement of awareness and search for truth.

OW Hmelt embraces this type of alchemical interpretation: not the superficially alchemy of magicians and heretics, but a deeper alchemy, that of nature, that has to do with the soul and its knowledge. In the Organic Way salons, thanks to Hmelt, everyone can find the exact shade of their personality and the reflection of their mood, expressing mystery, radiance, harmony, charm, energy, elegance and fun.

First alchemic process: from seeds to medicinal herbs

Hmelt contains phyto-active ingredients from biodynamic plants, the purest and healthiest farming technique, which completely excludes the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, and respects and enriches the soil. By taking utmost nourishment from soil and sun, seeds turn into strong plants, flowers and fruits, extremely rich in active ingredients. 

Second alchemic process: from biodynamic plants to Hmelt

Harvested in the balsamic period, when plant phyto-active substances are full of their concentration and effectiveness, they arrive at OW’s Alchemy Laboratories, that follow the principles of GREEN CHEMISTRY. The result of this marriage is Hmelt concentrates, which are packaged in the purest and most precious containers: glass and aluminium. 

Final revelation: Hmelt helps us to express ourselves

In OW salons, Hmelt undergoes its final transformation: with Hmelt everyone can find its own chromatic sign, a true expression of personality. Authentic Chestnut, Glamour Copper Gold, Divine Gold, Sunny Orange, Red Energy, Mysterious Purple, Playful Rose, Blue Charm and Green Harmony: nine nuances and formulation rich in fair trade phytopigments, biodynamic curly dock and organic mullein. 

Which colour are you?