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SOS pollution: the importance of protecting hair and facial skin

OWay SOS pollution: the importance of  protecting hair and facial skin

 There is an almost invisible enemy that affects those who live in the city and elsewhere as well - pollution. 

Fine dust, cigarette smoke, and exhaust fumes are deposited daily on the skin, scalp and cuticles, and can irritate the skin (especially the most exposed part of face and décolleté) and make the hair very dry.

How to protect the body, skin and hair from damage caused by pollution? 

Protecting and soothing facial skin

Protecting and soothing facial skin

If the exposed parts of the body are the first to suffer the negative effects of pollution, just imagine what effect it has on facial skin, which is exposed to daily assault by the external elements.

Cleansing your face daily with the right products is the essential first stepfor limiting the absorption of toxins and residues which are harmful to the skin.

But water is not enough: applying a cleansing and revitalising face cream every morning and night (Oway Perfect Skin Cleansing Cream or Face & Beard Hydrating Cleanser) will provide far deeper cleansing that purifies the skin with only the most gentle anti-oxidant and anti-free radical action.

Pampering yourself with a deep beauty treatment will help you regenerate your skin with long-lasting results that are visible immediately. In situations like these, choosing the right facial mask will make all the difference. Try: Organic Way Calming Face Maskan anti-pollution facial mask, with biodynamic Walnut, organic Chia, ethical green Clay with a beautifully strengthening and protective phyto-complex. It should be applied and left to set for 15 minutes and then thoroughly rinsed with lukewarm water, or, better still, with a piece of gauze previously steeped in a decoction of protective/soothing herbs. Winter and Summer Solstice blend* from the Oway Beauty Collection are two luxurious herbal melanges made from herbs, fruits, leaves and flowers sourced from 100% biodynamic organic farming to create this pleasant and exclusive ritual.

*Winter and Summer Solstice blend products have won the Wallpaper Design Award in 2019 in the Best Brew! category.

Detoxify scalp and hair

Detoxify scalp and hair

We regularly exfoliate face and body with peeling, scrub and gommage that eliminate dead cells, optimise cell turnover, stimulate microcirculation and give a healthy and shiny appearance to the skin.

There is, however, a part of the skin that we often forget to treat - the scalp, which though covered by hair and yet daily put to the test by stress factors such as pollution. 

It is vital to detoxify the scalp regularly to free it from smog toxins and residues so the hair can grow even more healthy.

Use Herbs & Clay Peeling Cleanser in the salon as a 100% natural detox to help prevent abnormalities of the scalp through deep purification. Herbs & Clay Peeling Cleanser is a treatment in total harmony with nature: so much so in fact that if used following the phases of the moon, it works even more effectively.