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The show of our lavender: uses and properties

OWay The show of our lavender: uses and properties

Used for thousands of years for personal carelavender is one of the most famous aromatic herbaceous plants in the world. Its flowers create spectacular expanses of color during this time of year and give an unmistakable fragrance. There are amusing types of lavender: lavandula Officinalis, Lavandula Stoechas, Lavandula Latifolia, Lavandula Angustifolia, Lavandula Dentata.

Preferred by ancient Romans and Greeks for their meticulous daily care of face, body and hair, at the time it was left in infusion in water (collected in bunches) to create precious decoctions with a thousand properties.

For its multiple benefits we have chosen to cultivate the Lavandula Angustifolia extensively in our OW ORTOFFICINA estate, following the biodynamic method, and transform it into pure essential oil or hydrolate.

Do you know the benefits of lavender?

Lavender is a plant rich in properties and surprises in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Its distinctive features are mainly three.

1) Rebalancing: soothes irritations and reddening of delicate skins and reduces their inflammation. With sebum-normalising action.

2) Anti-ageing and regenerating: helps cellular rejuvenation of tissues. Restores shine and vitality to hair.

3) Calming and rebalancing: it gives peace to mind and body, guaranteeing serenity.

The lavender grown in our Ortofficina estate: the Oway agricosmetics

We grow lavender in our OW ORTOFFICINA following the biodynamic method, collecting it in its best balsamic period. How can we be sure? Bees arrive. One of the distinctive elements of biodynamics is this: biodiversity, the importance of every single element of the farm that is conceived as a vital organism and ecosystem. Collecting biodynamic lavender in its ideal balsamic period, we ensure the most intense and active form rich essential oils. Then proceed to our company at zero km steam distillation: under the action of heat, water is transformed into steam, incorporating the aromatic molecules contained in plants. We obtain the pure essential oil and the hydrolate. 

The garden in a bottle: Flowerfall

The precious biodynamic lavender hydrolate is contained even within Flowerfall, the 98% natural Oway treatments: anti-ageing, energising, aromatherapeutic distillate for scalp and hair with biodynamic Rose, Lavender and Rosemary distillates, fair trade Arazà and pure essential oils. 

Drop after drop Flowerfall is the ritual that:

- Awakens the youth of scalp and hair

- Tones with an energy boost

- Protective shield against oxidative stress

- Creates moments of holistic wellness at home and in the salon

Find out more about FLOWERFALL > click here.

The other OW products that contain phyto-actives derivates from biodynamic lavender are: 

- Rebuilding

- Hbleach