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Discover the perfect hair routine to revive your hair colour

OWay Discover the perfect hair routine to revive your hair colour

When you change hair colour, you want the chromatic effects to stay alive and bright for a long time, just as they were when you left the salon.

Even natural, untreated hair can lose shine and look lifeless and dull.

Whether your hair is light or dark, treated or natural, preserving its colour can be challenging because of several factors and, for this reason, a Hair Routine specifically designed to meet these needs can help. 

You have noted that your hair colour is dull: why?

It is known that summer is the season that challenges is your hair brightness: chlorine, saltwater, exposure to UV rays and frequent washes drain out many of the constituent components of your hair stem. That is why your hair increasingly appears more lifeless and dehydrated, and upon the end of the summer season, we resort to a restorative and colouring treatment that remedies damage and awakens your hair beauty.

Even winter puts your hair to test: cold, humidity and smog are just some of the external aggressors that can affect your hair structure which, if previously submitted to treatment, is more delicate and exposed to harmful phenomena.

Cleansing and styling at home also play their part: If you use excessively hot water to wash your hair, coupled with the frequent use of hair dryer and hot plates at high temperatures, you may end up with an opening of the cuticle scales, fragile hair and, for this reason, particularly dry and lifeless. 

How to preserve your hair colour?

It is important, therefore, to start your HAIR ROUTINE using lukewarm water for cleansing, which is much more delicate and less invasive on hair fibres. Equally essential is to limit the use of aggressive heat sources, and to always use products that prevent and protect hair structures.

The perfect Hair Routine to protect your hair colour includes a hair bath and a specific mask, better yet if with powerful revitalising and anti-oxidant action. To have a good ally against progressive colour fading, apply a colour-protective spray lotion on clean and blotted hair before proceeding with your preferred styling.

Give a try to OW’s colorUp line for coloured or highlighted hair which, thanks to organic Goji, biodynamic Red Grapevine and Fire Tulip Tree provides for anti-oxidant, protective and nourishing action

Hmelt Mask: Organic Way pack to reactivate light and colour

Hmelt Mask has been created to reactivate, nourish and shine natural or coloured hair. It gives vibrant and bright reflections and increases the duration of cosmetic colour with its six shades available: Authentic Chestnut, Glamour Copper Gold, Divine Gold, Sunny Orange, Red Energy and Mysterious Purple

It also protects and moisturises deep down thanks to its active ingredients: ethical phytopigments (Krameria, Broom, Indian Walnut, Lycopene, Curcuma and Saffron) give deep natural reflections to hair, polish hair stems and protect hair with antioxidant action. Organic Mullein absorbs aggressive solar radiation and transforms it into luminosity reflected from the hair. Biodynamic Dock re-mineralizes and protects the hair.  

Hmelt Mask can be used after the hair bath, on blotted dry hair, distributing it evenly on the lengths with a comb or with your hands. Leave for 5/10 minutes and rinse.