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Glass, recyclable ... infinitely!

OWay Glass, recyclable ... infinitely!

That's why buying cosmetics packaged in glass is a conscious choice that makes you fell beautiful and saves the environment. Before throwing it away in the proper separate waste collection bin, glass may be reused in an infinite number of ways at, or away, from home, according to your lifestyle and creativity. 


  • Once empty and after being washed with soap, the amber-colored glass bottle can hold essential oil or a fragrance and morph into an elegant ambiance fragrance ... all you need are a few twigs! 
  • want a unique way to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for a dinner in the yard or on the terrace? The glass flower holders are a nice, eco-chic solution. 

  • Fill the bottle or vase with colored bath salts and it becomes a convenient and pre- cious bathroom accessory.