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Good for your scalp!

Ask for your diagnosis and the best tip custom-made for you at your salon

OWay Good for your scalp!

Discomfort, burning sensations and prickling of the scalp occur more and more frequently due to aggressive cosmetic treatments and our body’s poor defences against external and internal factors (en- vironmental pollution, poor diet, too much stress, etc.). 

Besides the aesthetic problem, when we realise that our hair is not as healthy as it should be, we ask ourselves wh„at the problem is and who we should turn to to tackle it correctly. 

In the Organic Way salon you can request your specific customi- sed analysis, through a scientifically clear and practical diagnostic tool. the analysis is the starting point for dealing with all scalp problems and, consequently, improving its health to have thicker, healthier hair. The scalp has an important protective function. Besi- des protecting skull and brain, it contributes to the thermoregulation of the entire head, filtering the sun’s rays and preven„ting excessive dispersion of heat during cold periods. That's why you should always take care of it, even though it's hidden under your hair.