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How to fight hair loss in autumn?

OWay How to fight hair loss in autumn?

During transition seasons, like autumn and spring, hair loss tends to increase for physiological reasons.

To reactivate your scalp, unlock muscle micro-tension and facilitate blood flow to the roots, which stimulates regrowth, it is important to perform true scalp gymnastics and adequately nourish the follicle to make it stronger.

What are the reasons for hair loss increase? How can we fight it? 

Why does hair loss increase in autumn?

The sudden worsening of climatic conditions, combined with a physiological hair replacement, bring both women and men to noticing a substantial increase in hair loss when seasons change, particularly in autumn, between September and November.

Hair loss increase is physiological in nature, and, for this reason, it is often not cause for concern (unlike pathological cases which require a hair consultation) during certain periods of the year. Temperature changes bring animal and plant organisms to adapt to survive and endure the toughest temperatures awaiting us in the winter. Just think about leaves falling off trees, but also even greater hair loss in animals. The same happens to men and women!

In addition, the reasons that may otherwise affect hair loss can be manifold: genetic, hormonal, somatic and the result, for example, of greater stress for the body to bear (such as very fast weight changes).

Furthermore, let us not forget that even air pollution and smog can contribute to greater hair loss, caused by hair bulb choking resulting from the deposit of a layer of toxins on the scalp, which prevents the skin from breathing correctly. Hence, the importance of performing regular scalp peeling. > Herbs & Clay

In addition, it is important not to underestimate the stress that our scalp has undergone during the recent summer months: direct sunlight, high temperatures and moisture, salt and chlorine, bad hydration and too frequent shampoos can increase hair loss in the months ahead!

What to do to counteract hair loss?

The first step to counteract hair loss during this time of year is to properly nourish follicles with specific products to strengthen them and micro-stimulate skin circulation.

In the salon, it is important to begin with a professional and thorough analysis of skin and hair structures with the aid of a Tricho-Analyzer, which helps define the specific treatment to be implemented. Prior to any type of treatment, in the event of scalp problems, professionals may opt for the most suitable treatment cycle, choosing approaches intended to purify the scalp from excessive sebum, thus regulating its functions or soothe it, preventing sensitivity and redness. (See OW Treatments)

Using products designed to strengthen and thicken hair bulbs, which stimulate skin renewal and correct hair oxygenation, may not be sufficient if the application is not accompanied by a specific massage to allow the absorption of the professional treatment more in depth and, thus, effectively. The application of products must be preceded and followed by a specific scalp massage that releases micro-tension and facilitates blood flow to the roots to stimulate regrowth: a real “workout” for the scalp.

[ TIPS ] Do you wash your hair in the right way?

Correct hair shampooing is the first step to getting and maintaining healthy, strong and beautiful scalp and hair. Remember that you should never use excessive amounts of shampoo; a dab is sufficient, especially if you are using hair baths (which have greater concentrations of active ingredients than classic shampoos). To prevent accumulation of residue (and product waste) on the scalp, you can dilute your shampoo twice the amount of water and apply it with the aid of a dispenser, to effectively distribute the product over your head. During hair washing, do not rub your scalp too vigorously: to effectively wash hair thoroughly, perform a gentle massage with your fingertips, in a circular motion. 

From the hair salon to your home: the scalp micro-stimulating and reactivating hair loss ritual with ow circolo.

From the hair salon to your home: the scalp micro-stimulating and reactivating hair loss ritual with ow circolo.

The Hair Loss system, composed of hair bath and intensive treatment, is micro-stimulating and adjuvant for growing hair prone to falling out. It works on several fronts: increase in hair texture and redensification, improvement of anchoring between bulb and follicle, lengthening of the life stage of the hair (anagen).

Thanks to the biodynamic mint essential oil and menthol extract (which decongests and reactivates the microcirculation), ethical teak and mahogany (nourishing and elasticising), Organic Horse Chestnut, the OW Hair Loss treatment works effectively on the physiological growth of the hair.

Vegetal stem cells (Buddleja Davidii) contained in OW Hair Loss formulas contribute to the reproduction of hair follicle cells, improving their self-renewal capacity.

The correct workout for your scalp with OW CIRCOLO

A part of the HAIR LOSS ritual is OW CIRCOLO, the 100% eco-friendly brush specifically designed for scalp massage. It is made by Italian craftsmen following high quality standards, its handle and teeth are made of FSC certified ash wood while the natural cotton strap promotes grip during skin massage. The teeth base is made of natural (not plastic) and hypoallergenic rubber.

With dry scalp, before cleansing, massage your scalp with OW Circolo on the 9 P.A.A. points (preferential application areas). Following a central and two lateral separations and identifying the pressure points with your index, middle and ring fingers, massage the scalp with OW CIRCOLO with 3 circular movements clockwise and counterclockwise. At the end of the massage, clean by applying Micro-stimulating hair bath and, before drying, apply the intensive treatment (Densifying Remedy * or Vivifying remedy sensitive scalps *) on the 9 P.A.A. points, placing your fingers and massaging by forming 3 circles on the left and 3 circles on the right. Leave for a few minutes and then dry.